Clean up safely, quickly, and in one simple step.

Can-A-Wipes is a biodegradable hand wipe that’s both safe for your skin and tough on odors, resins, oils, dirt, and much, much more.

Can-A-Wipes will remove any tough resins and other sticky substances from a variety of surfaces, including glass, skin, and even clothing. Use them on your hands after a trim session, on your clothes after gardening, or even on your pipe.

  • Unlike other towelettes on the market, Can-A-Wipes don’t contain offensive, aggressive chemicals
  • Non-abrasive, skin-friendly, and tough on all sorts of sticky substances
  • Remove resin, caulking, permanent marker, grease, blood, with one step: just wipe away

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How they Work

Our unique cleaning solution combined with our durable towelette spells the end for whatever mess you encounter.

Grease and dirt cling to the wipe assuring it does not transfer back to your hands or your tools, pipes, or clothing. The best part? The cleaning solution evaporates away and you can get back to work or get on with your day.

  • No more smears on the surface: the wipe lifts off residues and embeds them into the towel
  • Can-A-Wipes makes clean-up a one-step process—no more harsh products, rinsing, and then drying
  • Wipe the mess away, throw the towel away, and watch as the Can-A-Wipes solution evaporates away

A Safe Cleanser and Moisturizer

Can-A-Wipes is a ready-to-use cleaning wipe, no water, chemicals, or drying needed—just wipe and go.

Unlike other wipes, Can-A-Wipes does not dry out or crack your skin.  Each wipe contains 4 different skin conditioners, including glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E. These wipes are TOUGH – NOT ROUGH!

  • Easy on your skin: glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E moisturize your hands unlike other wipes with harsh chemicals
  • Easy on the environment: Can-A-Wipes are biodegradable
  • Easy on you: just one wipe does the job, no soaking, rinsing, or drying required

Can-A-Wipes are great for:

  • Painters
  • Cement Masons
  • Commercial Fisherman
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Any manufacturing Plant
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • Agriculture / Farmers
  • Florists

Can-A-Wipes will remove from your hands with one towel…

  • Resins from trimming and manicuring plants
  • “Impossible” to remove Black Jack roofing cement and urethane sealants
  • Permanent markers
  • Grease
  • Cement powders

The faster the job gets done, the better. The perfect solution for any industry—let Can-A-Wipes do your dirty work!

Now Available in 2 Sizes

Now selling our new 120ct tub for when things really get messy.

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120 Count Tub 30 Count Pack

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