Cinco De Mayo 2016

Recently a friend pointed out that his buddy uses wipes to clean up paint.  I immediately told him that Can-A-Wipes can do the same thing but is not as rough on your skin due to the aloe and emollient is has in it.  Can-A-Wipes does more than just clean up resins it is a over […]

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Life of a Solvent wipe

Can-A-Wipes biodegradable formula is powerful enough to instantly remove polyester resin, vinylester resin, epoxy, part a/b foam, any type of resin, pigments, gel coat, dirt, ink, tar, caulks, oil, grease and just about anything from hands without having to rinse with water.

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Stain Removal Products fail where Can-A-Wipes Shines!

Traditional Stain Removal Products

If you work hard outside every day, stains are an unavoidable part of life. A little stain here and there never hurt anyone, but eventually they do add up. Clothes get ruined, tools get ruined, skin gets ruined, and everything ends up costing you more money. So, what to do? Nobody is going to carry […]

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CanAWipes Premier Sponsor for Shokawah Fighting Championships

Can-A-Wipes Premier Sponsor for Shokawah Fighting Championships

Visit for more info!

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Can-A-Wipes New Size for the Trim Season

As trimmigrants flock north for the trim season, Can-A-Wipes introduces our new size! Can-A-Wipes is the perfect tool for every trimmer (and every gardener in general). If you’re on your way to the Emerald Triangle, pick up some Can-A-Wipes before you go! Our new 120 count size is four times bigger than the original—perfect for […]

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The New Can-A-Wipes Website!

A clean slate makes it even easier to clean all the nasty messes in your life. Whether you’re trimming, plumbing, building, or just cleaning, Can-A-Wipes is your sidekick.

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