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Reduce Odor


Long, hard day at work? Can-A-Wipes can reduce the odor on your clothing so you don’t leave it elsewhere, like your truck or living room.


Can-A-Wipes help remove the smells that you’d rather not experience on yourself.


Kitchen a bit fishy? Can-A-Wipes combats that on any surface without using harsh chemicals.


Certain smells following you around? Your tools might be the culprit. Clean them up with Can-A-Wipes!

Remove Resin


Many people bring their work home with them, but you don’t have to! Can-A-Wipes removes tough resins from clothing.


Resin all over your hands after a long day of trimming? Get rid of it quick and easy.


Resins can be extremely tough to remove. Can-A-Wipes takes resin off of glass pipes and anywhere else it gets!


Unwanted resins can ruin your tools over time. If you’re manicuring plants, take care of those tools!

Remove Oil


Oil takes time and effort to remove. Get it out before it sets when Can-A-Wipes are by your side!


Don’t let oils and greases ruin your hands. Can-A-Wipes keeps your skin clean and moisturizes at the same time.


Drips are no longer collateral damage. Fight back with a quick wipe down from Can-A-Wipes.


Oil and grease on your tools only makes the next job just as dirty as this one. Clean tools quick before you regret it!

Remove Dirt


Got a dirty little stain that just won’t quit? Let the Can-A-Wipes solution soak in, then wipe that stain away.


Getting dirty never felt better. With Can-A-Wipes at your side, dirt is no longer a nuisance—just wipe it away!


Use Can-A-Wipes for a quick clean in one simple motion: just wipe and throw the towel away. No rinsing or drying required.


Dirt is unavoidable and only serves to lessen the effectiveness of tools over time. Don’t give it a second thought: get rid of it right away.


An Entire Cleanup Crew In One Wipe

Other hand wipes use harsh chemicals—Can-A-Wipes does the job better without them!

No more harsh and flammable solvents to do your cleanup—you now have an entire clean-up crew in one wipe! Stop dipping your fingers in harsh chemicals after a day of trimming or working on the car—remove resin, grease, and more the safe and easy way with Can-A-Wipes. One towel will remove all the resin from your hands and other surfaces in seconds.


What’s Inside?

Safe on Skin, Tough on Dirt, and Biodegradable

Fortified with four moisturizers, Can-A-Wipes not only clean your skin but also nourish it!

Put the harsh chemicals away, turn off the tap, and stop drying your hands on your shirt. You can clean up anywhere with Can-A-Wipes, no soaking, rinsing, or drying required. Unlike other towelettes, Can-A-Wipes softens and nourishes skin using 4 skin conditioners: glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E. To top it all off, Can-A-Wipes smell great!



“For years I have been using olive oil and rubbing alcohol to get the sticky resin off my scissors but I hate the mess that comes with it. CAN-A-WIPES are easy, clean and not messy.”


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